Vitality CBD was founded in early January 2016 in a small town located along Canada’s rugged west coast on beautiful Vancouver Island. At the time, a pioneer and first of it’s kind, Vitality was unknowingly about to boldly embark upon an adventure of a lifetime into the then unproven, emerging market of hemp derived Cannabidiol / CBD.


The Relentless Pursuit Of Inventiveness


Plagued by the social stigma surrounding the pending legalization of Cannabis along with hordes of unscrupulous Bay Street opportunists looking to cash in on the emerging “green rush”, the actual science of hemp derived cannabidiol, at the time, seemingly didn’t stand much of a chance, however the relentless inventiveness of the creative team behind Vitality would soon prove otherwise…


Quantifiable Results Backed By Science


Shortly after the eventual legalization of Cannabis in Canada Vitality was approached by an associate of Dr. Patrick Neary (University of Regina) seeking active participation in a controlled study environment led by Jyotpal Singh (Kinesiology and Health Studies, University of Regina) which initially studied the changes in total hemoglobin (tHb) variability and mean arterial pressure in a subject self-administering escalating dosages of whole flower hemp extract, which, in turn, led to the publication and peer review of the medical journal entitled “Neuroprotection Following Concussion: The Potential Role For Cannabidiol“. ***The results of the initial study were presented at the 2nd Annual Congress on Controversies on Cannabis-Based Medicines (Med-Cannabis 2019) Barcelona, Spain, May 23 – 24, 2019 (P-10).


An Important Discovery

It was during the aforementioned studies that Vitality made a very important discovery… Based entirely on feedback received from users of Vitality CBD products, the need for consistency in product efficacy was identified and apparent . It was at this point that Vitality abandoned the raw hemp crude extract methodology behind traditional CBD product formulation and created “targeted CBD delivery” now known as Blends by Vitality™ and Vitalife™ complete spectrum CBD Tincture Series.